b. 1977 - Vince Jacobson is a creative director & designer hailing from the wheat covered plains of Kansas. Born from artistic genes, Vince was named after Vincent Van Gogh. Both of his parents have degrees in fine art, however he decided to go another route with his education. He carved his niche behind the mac, receiving his degree in Graphic Design from Kansas State University in 2001. Since then, he has went on to work for many top brands as both an in-house and an outside resource offering up his dynamic skills in design and direction. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family & friends, painting, sipping on black coffee, and the occasional birdie on the golf course. Vince currenty resides in Murrieta, California and is happily married to Myra Jacobson. They have two boys Braden & Devin, and one dog Milo.
"I believe great brands are built by amazing people with vision, patience, pride, and ethics. From a design perspective, nothing happens overnight, it is a massive amount of design building blocks that come together to present a dynamic brand to a consumer...from hero product design down to the smallest details of every project."
VJ Creative is here to enhance brand experience and consumer connections
through great graphic design.

Capabilities Include:

Graphic Design
Brand Identity & Logo Development
Identity Standards
Brand Development 
Creative Direction
Product Design Development
Print Collateral & Catalogs
Photography Direction
Retail Point of Sale
Environmental Design 
Information Graphics
Charts & Graphs
Web & Digital Design
Vehicle Graphics
Apparel Graphics
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